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Corpus: Juan Juarez 
February 11 through April 11, 2019

Corpus is a multimedia installation by artist Juan Juarez, incorporating photography and video divided into two sections. One explores progressive decay in the aging body/mind using a neglected domicile as symbolic metaphor. The other documents an impossible attempt to capture nothingness by mapping its ambiguous state though demarcation and indexing. According to Juarez, the exhibition “explores the meaning of space/place and the human desire to leave tangible remains after death, providing context to a larger physical existence.” Juan Juarez is currently an associate professor at Syracuse University’s School of Art and a practicing artist. His creative practice can be described according to the role played by the artist in its production, which is that of archivist and translator. Juarez localizes his creative practice as intermediation between what the photograph inherently communicates and a new context to place it in. His work involves photography, collage, video, and digital mediation in broad terms. Juarez has exhibited in institutions and museums both nationally and abroad.

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