Winslow Homer’s Empire State: Houghton Farm and Beyond


Homer ShepherdessesResting


August 18-October 11, 2009 SUArt Galleries

November 9-December 6, 2009 Palitz Gallery

“Winslow Homer’s Empire State” focused on the period in Homer’s life when he spent time at Houghton Farm in Mountainville, N.Y. A rustic summer residence located in the state’s lower Hudson River Valley, the farm was owned by principal patron and childhood friend Lawson Valentine.  “Houghton Farm held Homer’s interest for significant periods in 1878 and 1879, years at the very center of one of the most adventurous episodes of his career,” says Tatham. “The paintings and drawings Homer produced during the period leave little doubt that he found the farm and people associated with it satisfying in both professional and personal ways.” From 1878-79, Homer produced a large and highly distinctive body of rural subjects—nearly 150 pieces in all. He used a small number of motifs in these works, among them children, sheep and shepherdesses. Although treated in many variants, the motifs he used serve to unify this body of work. The term “Houghton Farm” has come to mean both a discrete group of rural subjects and, more importantly, a manner distinctive to the year 1878.


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