War News and Strange Brews: The Art of Boris Artzybasheff


 Palitz Gallery

September 25- November 3, 2006

Boris Artzybasheff was a Russian émigré artist who painted over 200 cover illustrations for Time magazine.  His important work dates to World War II when he depicted the politicians, military leaders and the issues that governed the course of the conflict.  His unique abilities in portraiture led Time to select him to paint several Man of the Year covers including portraits of Joseph Stalin and Harry Truman.  Artzybasheff was possibly more famous for his illustrations that gave machinery human characteristics.  His talent for choosing just the right amount of human anatomy gave each machine a personality that ranged from sympathetic to sinister.  Viewers were therefore compelled to have an emotional reaction to the machine and its purpose.  This exhibition looked at the images Artzybasheff created during the 2nd World War.

This exhibition was part of our Traveling Exhibition Program. For more information, click here.