Waiting at the Window: Warren Kimble’s Widow of War

October 8 – November 15, 2007
American fold artist Warren Kimble ’57 crossed into new territory in Widows of War. Profoundly disturbed by the ongoing war in Iraq, Kimble was motivated to explore and experiment with a different style, technique, and content that is specifically political. Recalling the use of patterns and cultural symbols from his most well-known work, these new pieces commonly use a traditionally feminine implement, the clothespin. In thinking about the women left behind during war, Kimble was reminded of his mother and her hanging up laundry. For Kimble, clothespins became a symbol for the numbers of soldiers lost, and he uses the fasteners to create patterns on a backdrop of windows, flags, and dressmaker forms. Through the use of a muted and limited color range, the images are somber, bittersweet, and contemplative, and resound with a recognition of death through war and its impact on American families.