Todd Conover

Conceal/Reveal:  New Work from the Faculty of the College of Visual and Performing Arts


November 6, 2014 – January 18, 2015


Artist Statement


While I don’t typically set out to produce work with preconceived conceptual meanings; my work is certainly a vehicle for expression of memory and experience. While it is rarely a conscious decision as to what my next exploration will be, I am never without a sketchbook and digital camera and I am always trying to see at the macro level, searching for small shapes, patterns, and details that will fuel creative sparks. More often than not these sketches and photos are abandoned for a more prevailing concept that usually arises during this initial exploration. The process of conceptual birth, development, routine death and eventual re-birth is an important part of my creative process and keeps my creative energy flowing and the surprise of artistic output alive. Initially I never set out to work seriously in metal. Metal really found me through a passion of collecting early 20th century American Arts and Crafts Period metalwork.  In an effort to be a more sophisticated collector I set out to learn the very basics about how these 100-year-old objects were designed and produced. I quickly found myself obsessed with learning long lost metalworking technique and its processes and quickly set out producing unique work of my own. As my body of work and technical abilities grew I realized that this was an important and comfortable development in my artistic life and soon a unique style, design process and surface treatment emerged. With my background in fashion design it was an obvious marriage to transition my metalwork to jewelry where I primarily focus most of my design work and energies. With a mix of unexpected yet related materials my jewelry tends to be overtly bold with inspiration harnessed from natural forms that will highlight surface and materials. Color is added by the use of freeform shaped cabochons of rock, gemstones and glass as well as ancient patina techniques.