The Shadow of Industry: The Prints of Carol Wax

SUArt Galleries

February 5- March 15, 2015

This exhibition examines over 30 years of printmaking by internationally recognized artist and print historian Carol Wax. The artist has become well known for her use and study of the mezzotint technique, and the selected prints explore her fascination with mechanization, drawing, and the historic reproductive medium.

Wax’s imagery is inspired by commonplace objects perceived as being sentient or having mystical characteristics, especially vintage appliances or devices with organic forms that are exaggerated to evoke fantastic creatures or monuments. Or, in the same way seventeenth century Dutch still-lifes allegorically symbolized the impermanence of life and beauty, Wax renders outdated machinery as icons representing the transient nature of technology and consumer trends, contemplating how perceptions of objects evolve from state-of-the-art, to artifact, to art.

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