The Elegant Salon: European Academic Paintings in the Syracuse University Art Collection



September 27 – November 5, 2004 Palitz Gallery, Lubin House, NYC
September 10-October 12, 2006 SUArt Galleries
Strictly linear readings of western art history imply a death of Academic painting after the rise of Impressionism.  Much to the contrary, the style flourished into the first decade of the 20th century and was prized by wealthy American industrialists eager to have visible symbols of their success.  This group of nouveau-riche collectors was uneasy with the avant-garde and in Academic paintings they saw recognizable qualities: understandable subjects, a strong style, and unmistakable craftsmanship.
This exhibition contained 29 paintings and among the included artists were: William Adolphe Bouguereau, Rudolph Ernst, and Jean-Leon Gerome.  Subjects included figurative studies, genre scenes, Orientalist themes, and several military images.