Sound Scores: Paper, Wood, Stone and Glass



The Warehouse Gallery

April 2 – June 6, 2009

In this, their first co-exhibition, both artists have created a series of visual and sound scores for the other to perform. Andrew Deutsch and Stephen Vitiello are musicians, composers, and sound artists who have collaborated since 1999. Both emphasize the beauty and poetic elements of daily life by presenting familiar elements out of context (the sound of the wind, animals, or the city), or in helping us discover that found objects (basalt stones) can also be sculptures. The artists also address issues of making art accessible to the general public by working with children, such as the students from The Dual Language Academy at Seymour Elementary School and Fowler High School in Syracuse.

3rd-grade students from the Seymour Dual Language Academy and Fowler High school students visited the Warehouse Gallery on March 30th to engage in a workshop with the artists. The students were encouraged by the artists to think about sound in a visual way and then draw their thoughts on the gallery walls. Deutsch asked the 3rd graders to draw planets, to pronounce words that he invented using alphabet blocks, and he asked that they try to draw the sound they were producing. The students drew and wrote in English and in Spanish. The students’ motions and sounds were recorded by Vitello, and the video was then manipulated by Andrew Deutsch and projected onto the back of an early 20th century European map. Questions from the High school students inspired Deutsch to name the piece What Happened to Pluto?


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