Rigo 23: Tate Wikikuwa Museum: North America 2024



The Warehouse Gallery

November 18, 2010 – February 6, 2011

San Francisco based artist Rigo 23 is known nationally and internationally for his highly political site-specific work. Intercultural relations and justice issues are often present in his work which includes working with political prisoners, such as Leonard Peltier, who is the subject of this show. The exhibition title refers specifically to P2024 at The Warehouse Gallery will focus on the artwork, life and status of this Native American whose case haeltier’s given name in Lakota (Tate Wikikuwa), to his next hearing in 2024, and to Rigo 23’s former project at the De Young Museum in San Francisco (1999). The Tate Wikikuwa Museum: North America has been an international controversy since the 1970s. This exhibition will showcase Peltier through the visual arts (oil paintings) as well as educational components such as talks and a symposium sponsored by the Humanities Center at Syracuse University.


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