Rebecca Xu





Conceal/Reveal:  New Work from the Faculty of the College of Visual and Performing Arts


November 6, 2014 – January 18, 2015


Artist Statement


My recent work focuses on the visual dialogues created during the intersections between human and computer through visualization, performance and interactive installation. Typically produced in a generative approach working with computer programs, the visuals in my work range from inventive non-representational drawing to controlled constructions with highly studied shape, color and texture in 3D space. In the process of making, I explore the impact of artistic intention and influence on the final outcome, while trying to find the balance between artistic intervention and computer program’s autonomy as well as randomness and predictability contributing to each particular project.

I usually start from investigating the suitable presentation forms for the information that the work needs to present, for instance, a dancer’s movement based on calligraphy and poem, a music piece about falling rain, or data on social issues such as crime rate statistics. My work has taken various forms of expression including experimental animation, visual music, artistic data visualization, digital images, interactive installations, and virtual reality. They are in general produced by preset instructions or procedural rules that dictate the forms and structures they might take.  And they may be viewed as visual manifestation of the information processing procedures embedded in today’s way of life.

I draw my inspiration from my personal experience and culture background. Grown up in Confucius’ hometown, educated in both eastern and western schools, worked in professional fields (as an animator and designer) and academia (as an educator and practicing artist), I often observe a hybrid quality in my work that reflects those experiences. Visually, my creative practice is influenced by minimalism and traditional oriental artwork. To both, balance and contrast of color, space, texture, as well as light are essential means to improve visual aesthetics.