Poetry of Content: Five Contemporary Representational Artists


SUArt Galleries

December 17, 2015  – March 20, 2016

In the landscape of contemporary practice, representational imagery has seemingly gone into hiding. With a few exceptions, imagery that incorporates a realistic visual space, modeled figures and natural surroundings is largely absent from the lexicon of art making.   Over his more than forty years as a painter and professor at Syracuse University, internationally recognized artist and guest curator Jerome Witkin has championed representation and narrative in his work and his teaching. Poetry of Content is his examination and celebration of the work of five painters who share his interest in the subject: Bill Murphy, Gillian Pederson-Krag, Joel Sheesley, Robert Birmelin and Tim Lowly. Featuring over forty pieces of original artwork, this exhibition displays a variety of representational imagery as paintings, drawings, and prints.

This exhibition is currently available as a traveling exhibition through 2018 to museums and galleries, via the Syracuse University Traveling Exhibition Program.  For more details and a complete tour schedule, please visit TravEx.