Poetry and Prayer: Ivan Mestrovic and his search for the Human Spirit

January 26-October 5, 2003

Ivan Mestrovic was a sculptor of international renown when he joined the faculty of Syracuse University in 1947.  He had been Rodin’s student, a member of the Vienna Secession, and had exhibited his artwork in all of Europe’s major cities.  He was well known in America where exhibitions of his work had been mounted at various times in Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, and Buffalo.  This exhibition examined a group of work made by the artist prior to his arrival and a selection of pieces Mestrovic designed and fabricated while teaching at the university.  Among the more significant inclusions are Vestal Virgin, 1917, Madonna and Child, 1928, Croatian Rhapsody, 1947, The Guslar, c1949, and the monumental Moses, 1952 that was designed as the central element in the never realized New York City memorial to the 6 million Jews killed during WWII.