Paul Capotosto




Neither Confirmed nor Denied: MFA 2015

SUArt Galleries

April 2 – May 10, 2015


Artist Statement

I began playing with a camera like most people, with no idea what I was doing. The more I played, the more I began to notice a new sort of visual language. The camera has the capability to communicate in ways that words alone cannot. With the combination of visual imagery and story telling capabilities, films have the ability to transport others to new realms and new experiences. To tell a story is to share a part of oneself, one’s dreams and one’s imagination. This work is an experiment in the genre of the movie musical. It was a means to push myself to new limits and explore the genre of the musical. I wanted to play with a different means of telling a story. Through the music, the characters are able to speak their minds and expose the viewer to their inner thoughts telling the story by blurring the line between the film’s reality and the daydream. I became, and still am, intrigued with developing this new film language.