2014 Wynn Newhouse Awards Exhibition

Palitz Gallery

April 14 – May 21 , 2015


Park McArthur examines the phenomenon of conceptual art from the perspective of dependency. Her work, which spans sculpture, video, and performance, engages the history of institutional critique, while at the same time, asks what institutions other than art are in need of critique?

She recently had a solo exhibition at Catherine Bastide in Brussels and will have one upcoming with Lars Friedrich in Berlin. She attended the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2010–2011 and again in 2011–2012. She is a graduate of Davidson College and the University of Miami. McArthur’s art has been presented at The Kitchen, New

York; Galerie Lars Friedrich, Berlin; Laurel Gitlen, New York; Sculpture Center, New York; ICA Philadelphia; Botkyrka Konsthall, Sweden. She has presented papers and screenings at the Society of Disability Studies in Orlando; the University of the Arts, London; SUNY Stonybrook; The Graduate Center CUNY, New York; Hunter College, New York; the Productive Geographies Graduate Student Conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara.