New York, New Yorker II



Palitz Gallery

October 9- November 15, 2002
New York, New Yorker II, was a selection of covers and cartoons from the magazine that span nearly fifty years and dealt with issues the city encountered during that time.  The New Yorker has published, during its 75+ years, hundreds of humorous drawings about all aspects of the city including its institutions, people, and identity.  Each of the artists selected to participate in this exhibition developed unique styles of cartooning or cover art, and many of the images captured the essence of Alan Dunn’s  description of the social cartoonist.  When their subject matter for the cartoon or cover was New York City, these artists used their exceptional wit to help “ameliorate the aggravations” of our time or, they just made us think about New York City in a different way.

Artists included in New York, New Yorker II, were Alan Dunn, Mary Petty, Arthur Getz, Harry Bliss, Robert Mankoff, and Lee Lorenz.