Neil Welliver Prints


January 24 – March 17,2013

SUArt Galleries


The Syracuse University Art Galleries is pleased to present Neil Welliver Prints, an exhibition of 60 examples of the artist’s woodcuts, etchings, lithographs and screen prints. Welliver was regarded as one of the preeminent American landscape painters of the 20th century and from the late 1970s to his death in 2005 he considered printmaking an integral part of his artistic activity. Neil Welliver Prints provides an overview of the artist’s prolific graphic career, assembling signature wildlife and landscape impressions from over 30 years. Welliver’s compelling, larger than life paintings of Maine’s natural landscape often became series of intimate woodcuts using traditional Japanese methods in collaboration with the noted printmaker Shigemitsu Tsukaguchi. All of the works are on loan from the Alexandre Gallery, New York City, who represented Welliver for years.

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