Neither Confirmed Nor Denied: MFA 2015



SUArt Galleries

April 2 – May 10, 2015

How do you define a work of art? Is it outlined by media, by materials, or by message? Artists working today are both burdened and enriched by the vast landscape of information and media that saturates our collective and connected global culture. The result is a wholesale re-definition of what an artist is and what tools they employ to create and communicate. Sculptural and environmental paintings, unique photographic and print installations, and site specific ephemeral encounters that rely on a shared history and specific experience have emerged as the conduits of artistic expression.

The concepts and themes that these artists consider are as varied as the media they employ in their work. Familiar tropes of gender, social politics and religion are reinterpreted through installations that blur the preconceived classifications of traditional technique. Contemporary ideas about communication and shared experience have emerged as both the artist’s subject and the vehicle to engage with the viewer.

The annual exhibition of the Master of Fine Arts thesis candidates from the College of Visual and Performing Arts features the work of 18 artists working in a variety of traditional and new media. As with any true thesis exhibition, there is no curatorial rationale: the artwork is selected by the artists as the culmination of three years of artistic research and practice. In all, the artists of Neither Confirmed Nor Denied exemplify the multi-disciplinary approach and the contemporary ideas that are shaping the art world today.


Michael Ahearn                                                 Andrew McIntyre

Paul Capotosto                                                  Carlie Miller

Guy Cornell                                                        Jila Nikpay

Paul Dressen                                                      Jonathan Perez

Jason Egitto                                                       Eli Show

Michael Fong                                                     Patrick Sopko

Laura Sanz Giraldo                                           Weigang Song

Shorty Greene                                                    Yue Wang

Marsha Mack