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April 3– May 11, 2014


The annual exhibition of the Master of Fine Arts thesis candidates from the College of Visual and Performing Arts. The Way Out features the work of 21 artists working in a variety of traditional and new media:

Rebecca Alosio                                                     Cayla Lockwood

David Bonagurio                                                  Kyu ParkSarah Pfohl

Evan Bujold                                                           Victor Rivera

Lauren Comly                                                       Deborah Roberts

Jacob Crook                                                          Endam Nihan Tasbasi

Emily Dunlap                                                        Robert Weiss

Leah Edelman-Brier                                            Davana Wilkins

Jim Gallagher                                                        Renqian Yang

Tian Guan                                                              Zaoli Zhong

Lana Hijazi

Ben Jackson


What sets the artists in The Way Out apart is the reinterpretation of traditional media into a contemporary context. Painting and drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography and film- all familiar instruments in the foundation of art making- have been introduced in a fresh milieu of concept and craft. Oil on canvas partnered with documentary video, works on paper that combine printmaking, drawing and painting, and site-specific installations of ceramic sculpture and photography. They are fused with both familiar and previously unexplored concepts that range from notions of gender, family and place to abstract narratives and sensory interaction.

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