MFA 2009




April 9 through May 10, 2009

SUArt Galleries


Elissa Brown                                                                                   Jaehee Lee

Jennifer Carolin                                                                             Robin Meyer

Blake Carrington                                                                            Sung Jin Park

Lewis Colburn                                                                                 Jeff Passetti

Lorraine Delaney                                                                           Renaud Patard

Tijana Djordjevic                                                                           Ryan Silveira

Brenda Edwards                                                                             Colin Todd

Edward Feldman                                                                            Peter Turner

Christopher Gianunzio                                                                 Jennifer Wilkey

Elizabeth Greene                                                                            Hyerin Yang

Maire Kennedy                                                                               Arjan Zazueta


The SUArt Galleries is pleased to present MFA 2009, an exhibition of master of fine arts degree candidates from the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. Twenty-two artists will exhibit a range of work from such traditional media as oil on canvas, portraiture and atmospheric-fired pottery to such contemporary media as digital prints, site-specific installation and video projection. The diversity of the show is also distinctly international, with artists from Russia, Korea, France and Canada.

While the artists work in a variety of media and techniques, themes emerge across the disciplines. The concept of the fabricated or manipulated environment is evident in many of the artists’ sculptural installations, including a monumental model stagecoach positioned in a moon-landing recreation; and a faux-storefront display with ceramic poodles that both mock and celebrate what we regard as haute couture.

Nostalgia and personal identity are also sources of inspiration in this year’s exhibition. One artist’s work reinterprets the well-known characters from Sesame Street into an iconic status, while another incorporates the artist’s past memories and dark humor into photographs that explore childhood experiences of fear, mortality and sex.


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