Marco Maggi: American Ream

December 6, 2010 – February 10, 2011

Marco Maggi is best known for his use of everyday materials and for an oeuvre that questions perception and dwells on the ambiguity of information in general. His exhibition title, American Ream refers to a standard quantity of five hundred sheets of paper, to excessive information and, of course, the “American Dream”.

The Palitz Gallery exhibition also included HOTBED (ORANGE), an installation made out of paper, the video D-REAMS (realized in collaboration with Ken Solomon), and the sculpture Global Myopia, Parking Mirror.   HOTBED (ORANGE)– The artist used 199 reams of white paper to form a broken grid on the platform and created small paper sculptures with a razorblade that were placed on each of the reams. The video reveals a miniature sculpture with its shadow moving in slow motion, referring to what Solomon called “the visual effects of time,” and projecting a potentially monumental sculpture that equally evokes the installation in the main gallery. The play of objects through altered and manipulated reflection is the subject of Global Myopia, Parking Mirror, above the entrance. Marco Maggi used a familiar street sign that normally helps monitor surveillance and redefined its function.