Marco Maggi: American Ream



The Warehouse Gallery

September 17 – November 7, 2009


Uruguayan-born, New Paltz-based Marco Maggi is best known for his use of every day materials on which he inscribes a vocabulary that evokes Aztec culture and the art of Joaquín Torres-García. By focusing on visual codes (such as repeated visual symbols that only suggest objects), spatiality, and the political connotations of maps, Maggi’s work also reflects Latin American traditions and concerns expressed by man contemporary artists. American Ream and Slow Scandal are the result of a partnership between both organizations and feature media that the artist chose as a means of responding to both spaces.

For American Ream at The Warehouse Gallery, Maggi has created HOTBED (Orange), an installation made out of paper, the drawing Plexi Line, and the video D-REAM (realized in collaboration with Ken Solomon). For the Point of Contact Gallery’s exhibition: Slow Scandal, the artist chose to present sculptures and objects.


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