Laura Lucia Sanz



Neither Confirmed nor Denied: MFA 2015

SUArt Galleries

April 2 – May 10, 2015


Artist Statement

Polymorphic flashes of colors corrupt the forms of our confected reality. Fuzzy signals and exploding pixels make our button-captured memories break into tiny random rainbows.  Idealization is the result of wanting to keep something the way it was in the moment we loved it the most.  We fantasize in compulsive acts of love,  hoping to miss things that have already naturally changed, just so we can perpetually desire them. When you caress something there is a moment of absence where you cover the object with love just so you can miss it again; a second when one sense affirms while the other denies.

In the process of idealization, representation, and remembering, there is a drive to control and capture veridic facts and translate every gesture into language to create a common objective ground. But, there are other elements that are left alone and unexplainable: diffused color, diluted shapes, and shadows and reflections give priority to the sensual pleasure of the conscious experience over the objects or subjects in the scene. The need for abstraction over figuration is a way of misremembering to allow the embodied memory to overcome data and documentation.

How we choose to remember or represent our fantasized lanscapes, both public and private, helps us to understand the relationship between our inherent cosmologies and taught ideologies. In lush beauty and color, I see a way of disrupting these given modes of cognition.