Kueng Caputo: The Quadrangular Cloud



The Warehouse Gallery

March 3 – May 14, 2011


The young female Swiss designer duo, Sarah Kueng and Lovis Caputo, will install a hotel in the Warehouse Gallery. The main gallery will be transformed into small ephemeral rooms where the visitor is invited to take a break from reality and to take a mini-vacation complete with a number of very simple, inexpensive and joyful elements. When seated or lying down, the public’s focus is drawn to the interior space and lighting. The idea for a temporary hotel goes back to Kueng’s and Caputo’s 72 Hours Hotel, which was initially developed in 2006 for the train station in Zurich (Switzerland).  Both artists are currently teaching at the HGKZ (Academy of the Arts, Zurich), Department Industrial Design in Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to teaching, Caputo finished an apprenticeship as a welder (Metall, Zurich) while Kueng worked at the Liceo Artistico, Zurich. Both have offered numerous workshops, such as at the Kyoto University of the Arts, Japan (2009), created public design for major Swiss institutions and businesses (Perla Moda, 2010), and were recently exhibited at such international venues as the Frieze Art Fair (Furniture for Salon94), London, GB; Art Prospects and the Swiss Institute, NY; the 2010 Furniture Fair Milano (Deliver Takeaway), Milano, Italy; the Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich (Everything Design, 2009), and the Seoul Art Center, Seoul, South Korea (2007). This is their first museum solo show in the United States.


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