Kevin Larmon

Conceal/Reveal:  New Work from the Faculty of the College of Visual and Performing Arts


November 6, 2014 – January 18, 2015


Artist Statement


My recent cell paintings intertwine eroticism with the painting process as I drop a sumptuous skin of paint onto sprawling, macro photographic surfaces depicting hair and skin from my own body and that of my partner, Rodrigo Pedrolli. I chemically experiment with a process of varnishes, driers, dry pigments, and oil paint to create biomorphic imagery mirroring the moment of orgasm while exploring painterly innovation. These paint forms are then corrupted, polluted, modified, and ultimately assimilated into the painting’s somatic, photographic substructure. Thus, I demonstrate that painted structures can emulate human struggles and euphoria as my work grapples with sexual identity in personal and artistic collaboration with Rodrigo, who worked as a photographer and model in these works.

Since the 1980s, I have painted over found pornography and art historical texts, signifying conversations on sexuality, corruption, disease, and decay while fostering artistic links with the Dutch masters, conceptual art, minimalism, abstract expressionism and punk rock. I have always viewed these paintings as a creation of a complex life form. Of content, emotion, thoughts, dreams and libido under the skin of paint. These themes are continued in my recent work dealing with cellular structures, semen, painterly euphoria and the orgasm.

Expanding three feet in each direction, an image of my body hair and tattoos is reflected by Rodrigo’s skin in another painting, and a third painting incorporates bodily macro photography of Rodrigo and myself. Five larger works include a photographic base of details from my drawings, paintings, and body hair. The paint, as separate and foreign to a photographic plane, questions the disjointed nature of the physical act of ejaculation on the body from abstract concepts of sensuality and the orgasm.