Jeff Davies: Straight from the Heart

November 8, 2012 – January 6, 2013

SUArt Galleries



The SUArt Galleries is pleased to present Jeff Davies: Straight from the Heart, an exhibition celebrating the life and artwork of Syracuse resident Jeff Davies (American 1938-2006).  The exhibition includes over 30 original pieces of art by Davies, including acrylics, watercolors and drawings.

Unlike some unconventional characters, Jeff Davies was consciously eccentric.  He chose to be different, to not blend in.   As stated by his close friends Bill McDowell, “He enjoyed being a controversial figure.  In a way he felt that his mission in life was to stir things up.  He got expected reactions to the more outrageous work that he did and it was intentional.”

Davies’ desire to be an artist and his own man caused him to abandon a comfortable suburban lifestyle and relocate alone from Marcellus, NY to Syracuse. He began his artistic career by making small, quickly conceived and finished line drawings for co-workers at the Onondaga County Water Authority where he worked as a draftsman.   He resided in different apartments in the greater Westcott Street area subsisting on sales of his paintings as a result of the near cult status he gained throughout the years among local collectors.

Curated by SUArt Galleries Associate Director David Lake Prince, the exhibition examines the creative output of this unconventional artist, who was known throughout the Syracuse arts community.   The works in the exhibition are drawn from this arts community, including work from the artist’s estate and a number of private collectors and friends of Jeff Davies.



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