Insightful and Incidental: Portraits from the Collection of Robert Infarinato

September 10- October 15, 2006- SUArt Galleries
August 13 – October 4, 2007- Palitz Gallery, Lubin House, NYC
Collecting photography is a relatively recent development in the history of art collecting.  Photography was quickly hailed as a technical marvel for documentary purposes and from the start portraiture has been the medium’s most popular subject.  Photography enabled everyone to have their picture made and as the medium evolved and became simpler everyone could take pictures too.  The camera’s ability to freeze a moment in time ultimately broadened the scope of portraiture to include candid, spontaneous portraits with the traditional posed images.
This exhibition presented over sixty images by many of the great names in 20th century photography including Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Imogen Cunningham, Edward Steichen and Mary Ellen Mark.  The show’s title describes two approaches to portrait photography that interested Infarinato.  Insightful explains those portraits where a person is posed in a setting that illustrates the subject’s character or physical form.  Ruth Bernhard’s Classic Torso with Hands, 1952 is a classic example of figurative photography and shows her respect for Edward Weston who she met on a beach in 1936 and studied with for several years.