Featured Artist: HANS KOTTER

September 5 – October 20

Hans Kotter’s work is an exquisite commentary on the way that light interacts with the environment. Much of Kotter’s oeuvre is based upon the use of prisms, such as his Chromatic Plants series. These photographs are created when Kotter holds a prism containing a liquid, such as oil, to the light and photographs the diffraction of light through the prism. The results are beautiful, unique images that seem to be amorphous forms of pure color. In this installation, an image from the Chromatic Plants series is presented in the form of a light box to reaffirm Kotter’s interest in light itself as a medium.

This interest is confirmed in Tunnel View – Rectangle, and Windows Straight. Kotter consistently manipulates light and color to invariably benefit and transform the environments that his works inhabit. These works, specifically, transform simple LED lights into fascinating, color-changing forms. Kotter’s light works are controllable via remote control, in a way that directly engages the viewer, something that contemporary artists worldwide often strive to do. Though both pieces utilize mirrors and LED lights to create their effects, the two series represent an evolution of Kotter’s technique, as the earlier Tunnel View series relies upon the reflection of light against a one-way mirror box to create the effect of descending into space, while in Kotter’s newer work, such as Windows, a different effect is sought through the use of an etched mirror over LED lights.

Hans Kotter was born in Muhldorf am Inn, Germany in 1966, and his work has been exhibited widely throughout Europe and the United States. Highlights include participation in exhibitions at Villa Datris (L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France), Kinetica Museum (London), and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Zagreb). His work is in collections including the Targetti Light Art Collection (La Sfacciata, Italy), Museum Ritter (Waldenbuch, Germany), and Kinetica Museum (London).

Hans Kotter is based in Berlin, and is represented by De Buck Gallery in New York.

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