Corpus: Juan Juarez

February 11 through April 11, 2019
Louise and Bernard Paliltz Gallery
Syracuse University Lubin House
11 E 61 St, NYC

Juan Juarez’s Corpus examines the themes of decay and nothingness through a multi-media installation. A neglected residence becomes a symbolic metaphor for the gradual decay of the body and mind over time. While videos and photographs portray the inability to capture nothingness by mapping its ambiguous state through demarcation and indexing. Both themes explore the human desire to leave tangible remains, which creates the ambiance of physical existence. Juarez compares the deterioration of mind and body through aging to the neglect and ruin decay of the structural integrity of a home. As our bodies age, our homes do at a similar rate of decay. Both experiences of home encompass a physical and an emotional presence. In addition, the attempt to grasp nothingness is done through interior and exterior photographs. Crime scene investigation markers are also used to mark the intangible. A physical manifestation of nothing plays upon the death metaphor alluding to a lack of presence. Through his media of choice, Juarez acts as an archivist and translator.

Juan Juarez is currently an associate professor at Syracuse University’s School of Art and a practicing artist. His work involves photography, collage, video, and digital mediation in broad terms. Juarez has exhibited in institutions and museums both nationally and abroad, such as the Milwaukee Art Museum (Milwaukee), Haggerty Museum of Art (Milwaukee), Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi & Rio Terra San Vio (Venice), Aspex Gallery (Portsmouth), Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (Los Angeles), Everson Museum of Art (Syracuse), and Gallery 400 at University of Illinois-Chicago (Chicago).

Monday – Friday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Closed University Holidays
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