Colorfornia: New Forms in West Coast Street Art: Apex, Chor Boogie, and Jet Martinez



The Warehouse Gallery

September 15October 29


California based street artists Apex, Chor Boogie and Jet Martinez will create new site-specific, temporary murals for the Warehouse Gallery’s September exhibition Colorfornia: New Forms in West Coast Street Art. The work is based on improvisation, and the notion that how and what they paint is recognizably Californian in its focus on strong colors, patterns, forms and nature. Their language consists of colorful abstract forms pertaining to optical illusions and movement, faces, evoking real and imaginary urban settings, and imaginary tropical landscapes. All three of the artists have significantly contributed to public art in San Francisco, San Diego and other major cities within and outside of the United States through their use of spray (Apex; Chor Boogie) and traditional paint (Jet Martinez) to achieve elaborate compositions with high attention to detail.

Placing street art, by definition a public art form, in the more formal space of the Warehouse Gallery offers the opportunity for a new perspective on the role and place of street art, specifically the pivotal role of street art in California. Programming will include a lecture by the artists, a round-table discussion on street art and the use of spray paint, and musical performances (Mouth’s Cradle by SU students Kevin Hegedus and Brandon Linn, and street dancing). The exhibition is organized in conjunction with the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations in Syracuse.

A gallery guide accompanies the exhibition with an essay by Anja Chávez. The catalog will be available at the gallery and online beginning Sept. 27.

Additional support for the exhibition is provided by Tucker B. Culbertson and the Delavan Center, Inc. Additional support for the round-table discussion is provided by the Painting Program, as part of the Department of Art Visiting Artist Lecture Series.



APEX (b. 1978, San Francisco, CA), also known as Ricardo Richey, is a street artist who creates colorful abstract patterns through the use of spray paint. Part of the Gestalt Collective that engages in collaborative murals in San Francisco, Apex curated mural projects on Bluxome Alley, other districts of San Francisco, and the SFMOMA display windows in association with St. Johns Community Center (San Francisco, 2002). His work has been shown extensively both in the Bay Area and abroad. Recent group exhibitions include Calligraffiti: Writing in Contemporary Chinese and Latino Art, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA (2009); Bay Area Now 4, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco (2005), White Walls, and the Luggage Store Gallery. He was the artist in residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts (2007), and was featured in documentaries and publications regarding the Mission District in San Francisco.


Chor Boogie (b.1979, San Diego, CA) is a self-taught San Francisco based street artist known for his visionary spray paintings. A recipient of several awards, including the LA Art Show Live painting (2011), the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (curator, 2005), and Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, (2011), Chor Boogie created commissioned murals in major cities within (Minneapolis, MN; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; LA; NY; Miami, FL) and outside of the United States (Beijing, China; Berlin, Germany; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Melbourne, Australia). He has painted commissioned portraits of many celebrities such as Hugh Hefner and Jay-Z.


Jet Martinez (b. Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico 1973) lives and works in Oakland and San Francisco, CA, where he is currently the art director for the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) in the Mission District. He received his B.F.A in Painting and Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001 and studied Spanish Literature at the University of Colorado, Boulder (1992-1995). Martinez is the recipient of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Art in Grant (2009), the Port of Oakland/ Oakland Arts Council Grant for Artists (2005), and the Ivan Majdrakov Award in Painting, SFAI (2000-2001). His work has been shown extensively nationally (such as Chicano Biennial, Museo de Arte y Cultura Latino Americano, San José, CA; Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ) and internationally (such as Mimi Mayer, Haas&Mayer Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland; Ichy’s Gallery, Tokyo, Japan). Martinez created commissioned murals for the San Francisco Arts Commission/Department of Public Works, San Francisco, CA; the San José Federal Building, San José, CA; the Oakland International Airport, Oakland, CA and has significantly contributed to public art in San Francisco, San Diego, and other major cities outside of the United States (Oaxaca, Mexico; Zurich, Switzerland)


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