Challenges in Contemporary Art

October 23  – December 3, 2006
Over forty visual artists in Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts participated in the annual exhibition highlighting new work by the college’s faculty. The exhibition was organized on the theme of challenges chosen,· faced, discovered and resolved by this diverse group of image and object makers.  As usual the show brought together a broad diversity of media, technique and inspiration. Visitors were surprised by the range of objects on display and their breadth and depth of intellectual and emotional content. Traditional themes like portraiture, landscape and still life can were seen next to more experimental gemes such as interactive installations and time based arts.

Making this exhibition especially interesting was the visual comparisons between artists working in the same subject area. For example, two artists examine still life; one paints an image depicting the artist’s head with a memory balloon floating over it filled with objects from her history with her daughter. The other believes the roots of the eyes are in the heart and makes paintings filled with spiritual meaning. Several artists are intrigued by landscape but their inspiration springs from sources as different as gardening, the subtle yet real transitions that occur in a landscape and discovering visually interesting fragments of urban settings.