Annina Rüst



Conceal/Reveal:  New Work from the Faculty of the College of Visual and Performing Arts


November 6, 2014 – January 18, 2015


Artist Statement


A Piece of (In)equality is a web service that exists a the intersection of politics, humor, and data visualization. It gives visitors a chance to map data about economic inequality onto images of pies. These pie-images can be created at the web address, then downloaded from the site, disseminated via social media, or just collected on the site for others to look at. Like A Piece of the Pie Chart (, its older robotic sibling-project, A Piece of (In)equality uses pies as a form of “sweet”, humorous, seemingly non-threatening form of protest against economic inequality. Users are encouraged to enter self-collected data in order to visualize forms of economic inequality determined by categories including gender, race, age, and many more. So: Dear user/spectator, you are politically aware, you have opinions, you have data, it’s time to get to work making piechart-pies!