Andrew McIntyre








Neither Confirmed nor Denied: MFA 2015

SUArt Galleries

April 2 – May 10, 2015


Artist Statement

Being surrounded by traditions, celebrations, and family has shaped who I have become. My most vivid memories are of those at the dinner table and usually always involving food. The dinner table is a place where relationships are begun and strengthened. As a maker, I am fascinated with objects, function, and utility.

The stoneware bourbon/chocolate set and porcelain oyster/bread servers are objects representing a continuing investigation I have with a few ideas focused on simplicity/beauty, material/preciousness, form/sensuality, and nourishment/community. My work reveals the beauty of the material, the process and the specificity of food to function. Revolving my work around the “dinner table” presents the context of community or an intimate group of people. Not only are my pots made to serve a specific use, the other elements that surround play a significant part in the anticipation for the feast and transforming a “meal” into a memorable experience. This work engages a different, but equally important aspect of the rituals of human experience: the social, nourishment, and connection between person and object. This dinner setting combines significant elements and objects to craft an experience someone will forever remember.

“When I am at work with my hands, shaping materials into an object, I work with an attention that is different from the focus I bring to the other activities. It is as if the pathway that flows from hand to brain, or more specifically, to that center in the brain that understands materials, as if that pathway is unique from others. When II am in contact with material-sanding wood or molding clay for instance- I stand in a unique relationship to the universe. “ Tim McCreight