2010 Wynn Newhouse Awards Exhibition

April 4 – May 5, 2011

The Wynn Newhouse 2010 Awards were created to draw attention to the achievements of artists of excellence who happen to have disabilities. The exhibition contained four sculptures, a painting and a video installation, all created by artists of professional standing with disabilities. There was a second video displaying the works of five runners-up.

In 2006 the Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation established the Wynn Newhouse Awards.   This Awards program provides grants to artists of excellence who happen to have disabilities.  The Foundation currently allocates $60,000 per year for these Awards and these funds are distributed among winners at the discretion of the five invited judges on the selection committee.  Works by winning artists will also be on exhibition in 2012 at the Palitz Gallery, at the Joseph I. Lubin House at 11 East 61st Street in New York.

A committee composed of persons respected in the arts and disabilities communities choose nominees and winners.  All eligible artists must be nominated and of professional standing with a disability, as recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act.