Publication Archive by Exhibition Date


1957 American Craftsmen 10th National Print Annual

1958 Art Faculty Exhibition

1958 Hans Erni

1958 Merlin Pollock

1958 Mestrovic

1958 Textiles for Today’s House

1958 William Hekking Special Exhibition

1959 Jacques Lipschitz & Peter Piening Invitation

1960 Charlot Village Fiesta

1960 Faculty Show

1960 Glicenstein Topolski

1960 Sculpture by Glicenstein and Topolski

1961 Invitational Exhibition

1962 Annual Faculty Exhibition

1962 Gordon Steele

1962 Ruth Randall Retrospective

1963 Anton Refregier Mural Dedication

1963 Contemporary Japanese Design

1963 James Wines Recent Sculpture

1964 Collection Catalog

1965 John R. Fox Collection of Korean Ceramics

1965 Joseph Floch Paintings and Drawings 1942-65

1965 Onofrio Charles Giordano Studies In Color

1965 Rembrandt Etchings from the Abraham Kamberg Collection

1966 Aidron Duckworth

1966 Contemporary Printmakers of Czechoslovakia

1966 SU Art Faculty Exhibition at Hamilton College

1966 Zoltan Sepeshy-Forty Years of his Work

1967 April Exhibition

1967 Ceramics Exhibition Invitation

1967 Design and Aesthetics In Wood

1967 Design and Esthetics In Wood exhibition Catalog

1967 Folk Art of India

1967 John Marshall Recent Work

1967 Maija Grotell

1967 Symposium and Exhibition on Wood

1967 The Cloud Wampler Collection Supplement

1968 Boris Margo Graphic Work 1932-1968

1969 Dusell Sculpture and Design

1969 Harry Wickey Drawings and Prints

1969 Larry Bakke Paintings and Drawings 1957-1969

1970 Boehm

1970 John Marshall Recent Work

1970 The Centennial Exhibition

1971 Henry Botkin Ten Years of Painting

1972 Aaronel deRoy Gruber Sculpture

1972 Boehm Readers Digest Reprint

1972 zagon schneider muehlemann mendola dorfman benson

1973 African Art

1974 The Thirties Reactions to Crisis

1975 Fashion Photography-Six Decades-An Art of Democracy

1975 Toney mural program

1975 Varieties of American Realism

1976 Aspects of American Art

1976 Color Light Module-Three Dimensions of Color- Anna Campbell Bliss

1976 Contemporary Courtroom Artists

1977 Computer Genesis-A Vision of the ’70s

1977 Images of Women In Japanese Prints

1977 John R. Fox Collection of Korean Ceramics

1977 Unity In Diversity-The Faculty of the School of Art Exhibition

1978 Artist Portraits and Self Portraits

1979 Mary Petty

1979 NY8

1979 Portfolios-In and Out of the 1960s

1980 Ambiance of the Book

1981 Bolton Brown

1981 Home Work- The domestic environment reflected in work by contemporary women artists

1981 Personal Apocalypse-German Prints from the Syracuse University Art Collection

1982 Charles Martin

1982 Design In Lace

1982 George Vander Sluis Homage to the Barn

1982 Sir Francis Seymour Haden, M.D.

1983 Lebrun-Transformations Tranfigurations

1983 Symbols of Change

1984 Tradition and Change-Native American Arts of the Southwest

1985 Art Nouveau Glass Pottery

1986 Jackie Martin-The Washington Years

1986 Precision of Image-Technology In Printed Art

1987 Collaborative American Printmaking

1988 The Urban Image In American Art

1991 The Transformed Image Works by Holly Roberts

1994 Rico Lebrun-The Expressionist Image

1996 On the Edge of Time-Photographs by Mariana Yampolsky

1999 Milton Avery Revisited

1999 Monument to a Warlord-Photographs of Nikko and the Temple of Ieyasu

2004 Syracuse Sees the City-Views from Syracuse University Collections



Lubin 1972 Arthur Dove Watercolors

Lubin 1972 Milton Avery Drawings

Lubin 1973 Castoro

Lubin 1973 Metalsmithing

Lubin 1973 Revelations- Olugebefola

Lubin 1974 Commentary-The Depression Years

Lubin 1974 Experimental Studios

Lubin 1974 Oriental Art 1000 BC to 1800 AD

Lubin 1974 Schmidt

Lubin 1975 Anni

Lubin 1976 Dennig

Lubin 1976 Evelyn Buff Segal

Lubin 1976 Goodnow

Lubin 1976 John Edwards

Lubin 1976 Malinowski

Lubin 1977 Ridlon

Lubin 1978 Dwyer

Lubin 1978 Grunert

Lubin 1979 Ladanyi

Lubin 1979 New Works In Clay

Misc 1966 Alumni News